Ygal Amir qui a assassiné le Premier Ministre Yitzhak Rabin n’est pas « fou » ni psychopathe

At his trial, the court accepted evidence from three forensic psychiatrists that Yigal Amir was not suffering from mental illness or indeed any other mental disorder (Zabow, personal communication, 2000).

No factor of mental illness in the perpetrator.

In March 1996, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Its absence bespeaks a deeply disturbed personality. That is the most blatant trait of psychopaths, who are often clever, charming, and popular. Yet punishment does not deter them, and they never express regret. Is Yigal Amir a psychopath? The court psychiatrists who examined him pronounced that he is not. Raised in a cohesive family, he fitted well into social frameworks in school, volunteer groups, and the army. At the university he was an outstanding peer leader. He is a most unusual phenomenon, but then so is political assassination.

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